Generator Transfer Switches

Don't let power outages catch you in the dark!

There are several great benefits this transfer switch has to offer; it requires no expensive rewiring of existing wiring or breaker circuitry; it handles generator power up to a 10,000 Watt load (40 Amps at 250 Volts), and it also provides over and under generator voltage dropout protection for your appliances and equipment.

The switch consists of a control box mounted next to the electric meter with a power control cable running to a switching collar that plugs in between the meter and the meter base. In the event of a power outage the generator can simply be plugged into the bottom of the control box and started. When the switch detects the power from the generator it automatically disconnects from the utility service and switches the generator power into the breaker box from the generator.

This switching process prevents dangerous generator back-feed onto the power lines providing protection for the linemen working to restore power. When electric service is restored, the switch then automatically transfers back from the generator to the utility power. The switch has lights to indicate the generator or utility connected power source status.

Bowie-Cass offers this switch, installed, for the price of $699.00 + tax or for qualified members, payment plans are available up to 12 months.

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