Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pay my BCEC bill?

We have two conveniently located offices, and over 20 pay stations to serve you. To locate a payment center near you, please click HERE.

Can I pay my bill by credit card?

Yes, BCEC accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express payments. You can use our automated phone system (903.846.2310 Option 6), pay your bill online ( or stop by one of our two offices to pay in person.

What are Capital Credits?

As member/owners, consumers are entitled to share in all margins earned by your cooperative. The accumulation of capital credits represents the member's equity, or measure of their share of the ownership of the Cooperative. When the financial condition of the Co-op is adequate to meet all normal and emergency needs, the Board of Directors may approve the return of a portion of these Capital Credits.
In 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2005 the BCEC membership received a combined $2,000,000 worth of Capital Credits. During the last ten years, BCEC has returned over 4 million dollars to the membership.

Learn more about Capital Credits.

What is a PCRF and why does it fluctuate each month?

PCRF is simply an acronym for Power Cost Recovery Factor. The PCRF is always on your BCEC electric bill and is recalculated every month. The PCRF is NOT included in your base rate. All electric utility bills include a PCRF that reflects the rise and fall in the cost of generating wholesale power - more specifically, the changes in the cost of the raw fuel required to run the generation plant. Currently, the fuel driving these costs is natural gas.
Natural gas prices recently hit an all time record high. This high cost for natural gas directly affects the cost of generating electricity and increases customers' PCRF. This cost has always been passed through to the member. Although at times it seems as if your rates have increased, it is actually only an increase in the cost of the fuel used to GENERATE the electricity you use.

What is the "Security Light" charge?

The monthly base rate for a security light is $6.62. That charge is based on 73 kWh of use per month. "Security Light Only" accounts will be affected by the current PCRF.

When will I receive my WildBlue bill?

WildBlue customers will receive an e-mail notice that we call an e-bill around the 15 th of each month. The exact day may vary depending on holidays and weekends. Unless you have elected to receive a paper bill and have agreed to pay a $2 fee for the service, this e-bill is the only notice you will receive.

When is my WildBlue bill due and what are my payment options?

The WildBlue accounts are always charged in advance and are due on the first of the month. Your payment options are:
  • To pay by recurring credit card – Right after the first of each month, we will charge your credit card for the full amount of your bill. You will receive an e-mail confirmation receipt so that you will know that the payment has been made and your account credited.
  • To pay by electronic bank draft – On the first of each month, we will send and electronic notice to your bank to debit your account for the full amount of your bill. You will not receive an e-mail confirmation on this, but you can check your WildBlue account on-line and see that the payment has been credited.
  • To pay on-line by e-check – You can go online at any time and select “PayYourBill by E-check”. Log-on with your WildBlue username and password and fill in the information requested. You will need to have your checkbook handy to get the routing numbers you will need. This is a one-time only payment and you will receive an e-mail confirmation.
  • To pay on-line by credit or debit card – Go online and select “Pay your Bill”, log-in, and follow the prompts to pay by credit card. Just like e-checks, this is a one-time only payment and you will receive an e-mail confirmation.
  • Pay your bill by check in the mail – You can also pay your bill by sending us a check in the US Mail. To be sure that we know which account to credit, please put your account number on your check. It is also very helpful if you will print a copy of your e-bill and include it with the payment.

How do I sign up for recurring credit card or electronic bank draft?

Payment by recurring credit card is currently only offered to WildBlue Internet Service customers. You can sign up on-line or call a customer service representative. To sign up for bank draft, contact a customer service rep and request a bank draft from. We will send you the authorization form for you to fill out and sign. You will need to then return it to us with a copy of a void check. The local number for Customer Service is 903-846-2311. If the call would be long distance for you, the toll free number is 800-794-2919.

What if I do not know my WildBlue username and password or have trouble logging-in the first time?

You can call a WildBlue customer service representative at 888-795-3258 or 800-794-2919. She will help you get started.

I am one of your electric customers. How can I pay my bill by recurring credit card?

We do not currently offer recurring credit card payment to our electric customers because of the multiple due dates during the month and a low number of members who desire the service. If we get enough members in the future who request this option to make it worth the trouble, we will consider adding this feature. Electronic bank draft is a very nice alternative for members who are interested in having their electric bills paid automatically each month.

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